2015 Physics Olympiad


The Olympiad Awards

  • Each participating school will receive an award plaque commemorating its participation in the 2015 Physics Olympiad.
  • There will be one first, second, and third place team in each Olympiad event.
  • Every member of the first, second, and third place teams of each Olympiad event will receive gold, silver, and bronze medals and certificates, respectively.
  • To determine the ranking of the Olympiad Teams, the sum of all team medal points will be computed according to the following point system:
    • Gold medal in an event = 500 Points.
    • Silver medal in an event = 300 Points.
    • Bronze medal in an event = 100 Points.
    In the case of a tie, the tied points will be split among teams.
  • Gold, silver and bronze Championship Trophies will be awarded to the schools based on their highest-scoring teams. Individual schools will receive no more than one championship trophy. If a school enters more than one team and two or more of these teams are among the highest-scoring teams, then the highest team score will count for that school. The trophy plaque will then commemorate all teams from that school that were among the highest-scoring teams.
  • Additional prizes will be awarded based on availability.

Previous Trophies, which were designed by Profesor Jens Zorn

Professor Zorn next to his g-minus-2 sculpture.

Olympiad Contact Information
University of Michigan, Physics Department, Randall Laboratory
Prof. Georg Raithel, email: graithel@umich.edu

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