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2011 Winners

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The 2011 Olympiad has been a great day for all participants and volunteers, filled with science competitions and leisurely activities.

All participating schools have received a plaque commemorating their participation in the 2011 Michigan Physics Olympiad.

All participating students have received a participation certificate.

The overall school rankings in the 2011 competition were:

1st Place East Lansing High School
2nd Place Troy High School
3rd Place Monroe High School

For schools with more than one team, these rankings are representative for all teams of these schools.

In each of the seven events, teams winning first, second and third places were determined. The winning students received a certificate and a medal.

In the table below, we list the winners of the individual events and their Olympiad Team Numbers. If you find your name mis-spelled or wrong, please let us know. The Olympiad Team Numbers were assigned by the Olympiad preparation committee. For schools with more than one team, the Olympiad Team Numbers differ from your school's internal team numbers.

Rank Laser Maze Catapult Challenge Pasta Engineers ROG Ramble
1st Place Troy, #11
(Mason Liang, Mihir Pande)
Monroe, #10
(Michael Peven, Carlin Huisman)
Troy, #11
(Phillip Yang, Nitin Chandra, Ian Jones)
East Lansing, #1
(Xiangyi Yu, Willy Penn)
2nd Place Redford Union, #9
(Brianna Schultz, Daniel Webster)
East Lansing, #1
(Dylan Etheridge, Richard Fata)
Hamtramck, #6
(Bridgette Sylesty, Lopez Davis, Tazmi Siddique)
East Lansing, #2
(Emma Hickman, Ariel Kaplowitz)
3rd Place East Lansing, #1 (tied)
(Alexa Lupi, Teri Oehmke)
Troy Athens, #4 (tied)
(Will Chen, Prashant Bhagavatula)
East Lansing, #3
(Darby McGaw, Hayden Henderson)
Hamtramck, #7
(Amdad Hussain, Alen Muhamedovic, Elmedina Jalaj)
East Lansing, #3
(Scott Welburn, Samuel Kinch)


Rank Electro-Launcherr Light Wheels Physics Bowl
1st Place East Lansing, #1
(Brian Chiou, Parker Olson)
Hamtramck, #6
(Shahera Begom, Abraham Aiyash)
East Lansing, #2 (tied)
Troy, #11 (tied)
2nd Place Monroe, #10
(Trevor Jarrait, Saqib Peracha)
Monroe, #10
(Liz Tullis, Megan Brady)
East Lansing, #1
3rd Place East Lansing, #3
(Connor Hogan, Alexander Addiego)
Hamtramck, #8
(Nagi Hussain, Shifat NLN)

In addition to trophies, medals and certificates, the following prices were awarded:

Olympiad Contact Information
University of Michigan, Physics Department, Randall Laboratory
Prof. Georg Raithel, email: graithel@umich.edu

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