2015 Physics Olympiad


2015 Winners

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The 2015 Olympiad has been a great day for all participants and volunteers, filled with science competitions and leisurely activities. This year there were 6 teams from 4 schools (2 schools brought multiple teanms). The number of students participating was approximately 50.

All participating schools have received a plaque commemorating their participation in the 2015 Michigan Physics Olympiad.

All participating students have received a participation certificate.

The overall school rankings in the 2015 competition were:

1st Place Hamtramck High School
2nd Place Monroe High School
3rd Place East Lansing High School

For schools with more than one team, these rankings are representative for all teams of these schools.

In each of the seven events, teams winning first, second and third places were determined. The winning students received a certificate and a medal.

In the table below, we list the winners of the individual events and their Olympiad Team Numbers. If you find your name mis-spelled or wrong, please let us know. The Olympiad Team Numbers were assigned by the Olympiad preparation committee. For schools with more than one team, the Olympiad Team Numbers differ from your school's internal team numbers.

Rank Think or Sink Katapult Range Pasta Bridge Egg Drop
1st Place Monroe
(Kyle Oliynyk, Brett Westover)
(Mitchell Martin, Nate Kueterman)
Hamtramck 1
(Susmetha Baidya, Lubna Begum, Ilma Bilic)
East Lansing 1
(John Buhl, Alexander Napolov)
2nd Place Hamtramck 2
(Una Jakupovic, Logan Hughes)
Hamtramck 1
(Lubna Begum, Fabiha Sultana)
Hamtramck 2
(Zach Mcintash, Farhana Chowdhury, Farzana Chowdhury)
(Johnathan Brown, Ryan Nunn)
3rd Place Hamtramck 1
(Jenny Ghose, Waheeda Bilbaria)
Hamtramck 2
(Luthfor Khan, Muhammad Qadri)
East Lansing 1
(Nathaniel Rutkowski, Emma Rutkowski)
East Lansing 2
(Taylor Murray, Armandine Uwimana)


Rank Small Higgs Boson Laser Maze Physics Bowl
1st Place Hamtramck 1
(Amal Alzendairi, Tazia Miah)
East Lansing 1
(John Buhl, Alexander Napolov)
Hamtramck 1
(Entire team)
2nd Place East Lansing 2
(Miranda Blankenship, Montgomery Smith)
Cranbrook Kingswood
(Allen Lou, Sam Inloes)
Hamtramck 2
(Entire team)
3rd Place Hamtramck 2
(Latifur Khan, Logan Hughes)
Hamtramck 2
(Abdul Hasib, Azhar Imsirovic)
East Lansing
(Entire team)

Olympiad Contact Information
University of Michigan, Physics Department, Randall Laboratory
Prof. Georg Raithel, email: graithel@umich.edu

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