2015 Physics Olympiad



Event Team: a group of 2 or 3 participants in a particular Olympiad event.

Olympiad Team: a group of at least two Event Teams ( 4-14 students ) whose medal count is kept together to determine the first, second, and third place winners of the Olympiad.

School Team: a group of at least one Olympiad Team representing a school.


  1. The minimum Olympiad Team size is 4 members, the maximum is 14.
  2. All Olympiad Teams must participate in the Physics Bowl event. Team registration for this event is automatic.
  3. All Olympiad Teams must register for at least two events in addition to the Physics Bowl.
  4. All participating Olympiad Teams must be registered by Friday, May 1st, 2015.
  5. Registration confirmation letter will be required on the day of the Olympiad by 9:45AM (competition time).
  6. Every Olympiad Team with 4 or 5 members must be accompanied by at least ONE teacher.
  7. Every Olympiad Team with 6 to 14 members must be accompanied by at least TWO adults (at least one of which must be a teacher).
  8. Individual schools may enroll up to four Olympiad Teams, comprising a School Team. . Scoring for each Olympiad Team is kept separate. Participants can only be member of ONE Olympiad Team. Accompanying teachers and adults must dedicate themselves to only one Olympiad Team.
  9. Teams must comply with all Event Rules during the Olympiad. Although rules will usually not change, some clarifications may be made and announced up to and on the day of the Olympiad.
  10. All participants will adhere to the following Code of Ethics:
    • Students commit to give their best academic effort.
    • Teachers at an Olympiad event will not provide help to students.
    • Students will design and build, with teacher supervision, any apparatus submitted for an Olympiad event.
    • Schools will uphold honesty and integrity in the preparation and participation of their students in the Olympiad.
    • Students will display exemplary sportsmanship during the competition.
    • All participants will display courtesy and respect to others.
    • All participants will abide by the decisions of the judges.
    There is no restriction as to how schools prepare their students for the competition. For example, creating prototypes or duplicates of the Olympiad's setups, training students with special tutoring sections, etc. However, during the competition students are to perform on their own.

Olympiad Contact Information
University of Michigan, Physics Department, Randall Laboratory
Prof. Georg Raithel, email: graithel@umich.edu

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